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Yoobi School Supplies For All COPPA Students

COPPA is honored to be the recipient of #YoobiGives. The Yoobi “One for you, one for me” motto was highly visible when Yoobi angels, Justin, Mariya, and Heidi, delivered Yoobi school supplies to all COPPA classrooms. Each student received a mixture of classroom supplies including pencils, markers, folders, scissors, and glue sticks.

Yoobi’s Chief Giving Officer Justin Wolff and two of Yoobi employees personally presented the box of supplies to Ms. Yerima’s third-grade class and Ms. Smith’s fifth-grade class. Whether the school supplies were presented by the teacher or by the Yoobi Angels when the content of the box was revealed, the expressions from all classrooms were unanimous; screaming and yelling could be heard down the halls, and each COPPA student jumped for joy upon the unveiling.

As the students enjoyed their new classroom supplies, the Yoobi Angels also challenged the students to think differently about what they aspire to be when they grow up. They asked the students not to think about a career that earns money, but rather, to think about what kind of person they want to be when they grow up. The goal was to help the young scholars understand that the type of person you will become will have a greater impact on others than the highest level you can reach in your career.

Amid it all, the Yoobi Angels were planning the grand surprise of the day, which was so top secret that only the angels and the students knew about it. Once the Angels Yoobified the classroom, they officially inducted Ms. Yerima and her class into the Yoobi Family and shared a gratitude letter with Ms. Yerima for her selfless dedication as a teacher. With a single hand gesture, the entire class rushed out of their chairs and ran to Ms. Yerima to give her a Yoobi Hug.

COP Schools is proud to welcome our newest partner, Yoobi, to the COP family. It is the support of companies like Yoobi, that continue to help make a difference in each child’s educational experience. Their mission, motto, and what the company stands for aligns with our mission and the characteristics we instill in our students during their journey with us. When students are given all the necessary tools they need to succeed, it is impossible for them to not achieve their goal.

As Yoobi says, “It’s a good day to give,” and there are many ways that you can give to help support our young scholars. Whether it is monetary, the gift of your time, supplies, or equipment donations, your support matters to each one of our students and their educational journey.


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