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About Us

Children of Promise Schools (COP Schools) was created to be more than just a regular or typical school. It was founded by a collaborative group of parents and educators who are committed to improving and increasing educational and career access and outcomes for urban students, their families, and our community. We use the development of social and emotional competencies as the foundation for developing core academic and leadership competencies that equally enhance the broader potential of each student’s potential for success.

Our Mission and Vision

Children of Promise Schools’ mission and vision is to continue to become a thriving learning community that provides both educational and real-world opportunities that develop the “whole child, in a whole class, in a whole school and within the whole community”.

Our mission is to develop Scholar-Leaders who are:

  • Respectful,

  • Responsible,

  • Resourceful,

  • and Ready to Learn and Lead

and who fulfill their potential to make a positive difference in the world.


Children who have an appropriate sense of honor and respect for authority accomplish much more in life.


Helping Children become responsible for their own success and the success of others encourages them to become responsible adults.


Children who have an appropriate sense of honor and respect for authority accomplish much more in life.


COP Schools believe that there is a huge deficit of INSTRUCTION in the lives of most urban children that impacts their ability to grow and flourish. We also believe that our children not only can LEARN but are also created with an inherent potential and ability to LEAD. So, developing their leadership abilities is critical.

School Values

We develop life-long learners:

  • who have Outstanding Character

  • who are Committed to Excellence

  • who are Critical Thinkers

  • who use Common Sense

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