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Learning Beyond The Classroom In Washington D.C.!

by Santiago

It was a typical hectic Monday night at Los Angeles International Airport; traffic jam, long security lines and impatient travelers. That’s until 21 fifth-graders arrived with mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety, ready to begin their adventure 2,299 miles away in Washington D.C., with their four chaperones.

With so much to explore, the students hit the ground running with an open mind, ready to learn and to capture US history defining and memorable moments. The students soaked in the countries sweet and bitter history and connected what they’ve learned in their classrooms as they visited several museums including the Smithsonian National Museum of American & Natural History, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the Holocaust Museum.

They paid respect and learned about the nation’s heroes, the brave soldiers and the ultimate sacrificial cost of hatred through terrorism while visiting the Arlington National Cemetery, the U.S. Navy Memorial and the 911 Pentagon Memorial. They also embarked on an illuminating tour of the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and Washington Monument, and climbed the stairs to the US Capital.

Our young activist and leaders envisioned themselves taking their seat in the oval office as President or reviewing cases as Chief Justice, as they visited the White House and the Supreme Court. While future Veterinarians or Zoologist monkeyed around with the animals at the National Zoo and explore the sea life at the Baltimore National Aquarium.

There was never a dull moment during the student’s six-day study adventure in Washington D.C.; whether visiting museums and theaters or taking guided tours, to splashing around in the hotel’s sparking pool or feasting on delicious food at the Hard Rock Cafe, their experience is one that the traditional classroom could not have afforded them.

This study trip boosted the student’s excitement and eagerness to learn while expanding their knowledge on the countries pass history and current events. We are strong believers of educating beyond the classrooms. Reading a textbook is one thing, but to be able to visually and physically see what they are being taught – helping to enhance each student’s understanding in the subject matter with a bonus of exploring future careers – is priceless.


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