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Children Of Promise Schools Aim To Transform Community

The Children Of Promise Schools began as a response to addressing the challenges urban youth were facing in the community. The schools’ mission is clear: provide a free high-quality education and give children the tools to succeed regardless of any hurdles that may prevent them from becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

The schools’ music program includes string instruments, various wind instruments, and percussion. Although this sounds like a robust collection, teachers still felt something was missing. Thanks to an instrument grant from The Guitar Center Music Foundation, advanced students will now enjoy learning to play acoustic guitar twice a week plus a special Saturday class with the ensemble.

Music is clearly an important part of the lesson plan.

Trena Lawson is the schools’ Associate Executive Director of Advancement and she believes the guitars will certainly contribute to the learning experience, not only for the students, but the teachers as well.

“I feel that it is important that our teachers discover each child’s gift and potential to develop it,” she says. “Guitars enhance our music program and provide a new and exciting choice and opportunity because music is an integral part of our curriculum.”

The teachers and staff at Children Of Promise are dedicated to improving the lives of the children in their community. Each shares in the mission of instilling a curiosity that compels a child to pursue an everlasting education, one which transforms the community.

“Playing an instrument and learning to read music definitely requires critical thinking and playing music is a life-long learning lesson,” Trena says. “Music is also a part of a global and universal language.”

Our foundation and the Children Of Promise Schools would like to say thank you to Guitar Center and Mitchell Guitars for their generous donation.


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