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12 Ways To Help Your Child Succeed At COPPA!

by Santiago

12 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed At COPPA!

1. Be supportive of all school policies and discuss with your child.

2. Model and teach respect for authority and school policies

3. Bring your child to school on-time daily.

4. Be supportive of the teachers.

5. Communicate and consult with your teacher by phone, email, note, etc. regarding your child’s assignments and academic progress.

6. Homework is important!

  • Make certain assignments are neatly completed daily.

  • Check and sign homework daily.

  • Make sure your child places completed homework in their backpack upon completion.

7. Provide a suitable place or environment in the home for studying and homework completion.

8. Help students utilize study time early to do homework.

9. Restrict or limit TV and video game watching during the week.

10. Incorporate a regular bedtime schedule. It is recommended that children receive 10-12 hours of sleep each night to be fully functional and productive at school the next day.

11. Listen attentively and spend quality time with your child.

12. Always discipline in love.


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